Evaluating digitisation of Auckland Star & NZ Herald

Auckland Libraries has worked in partnership with the National Library to digitise the major New Zealand newspapers Auckland Star 1870-1945; & New Zealand Herald 1863-1884 for the PapersPast heritage newspapers website. 

The project is complete now for the Auckland Star, but we want to know what you think of it. Has it helped you much with your research?
What was the value to you of putting the New Zealand Herald online? 

Please give us some feedback in the comments below (anonymously if you wish). 

Tell us which publications out of the two, you have used PapersPast for (either or both), how useful it was for your research - and maybe share anecdotes about what you found (if you wish).

Do you think these projects were worthwhile, and do you think that we should continue with the New Zealand Herald maybe up to 1945 as we have with the Star?



 PS We've been receiving wonderful feedback about PapersPast, but we are actually asking for specific feedback about the digitisation done to date of the Auckland Star and the New Zealand Herald.

Many thanks

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9 Responses to “Evaluating digitisation of Auckland Star & NZ Herald”

  1. I have used Papers Past extensively in my family search and have often bemoaned the fact that the papers I use have stopped short around the 1900 mark. I have used papers based in Otago and Southland (where my families were concentrated) and not the Auckland papers, although I have occasionally found reports shared with the northern newspapers when they have not been available in the original southern publications.
    So yes, continuing on with the digitisation as late as possible is a must. Providing access to any records online makes all the difference to them being seen - or not being under utilised in libraries.
    Thank you,
    Andrea Little

  2. Kia ora

    As a regular user of Papers Past, it would be wonderful if all newspapers could be digitised, at least up to the cut off point, although my research is mainly centred on the lower South Island, I do check those papers further north where relevant, from time to time.

    Thank you.


  3. Fantastic tool to get the feel of the community over the years. I use it all the time. More newspapers please.

  4. I am also a regular user of papers past. I would love to see that NZ Herald up to 1945 like the Star. I have found lots of interesting bit on my family. I also check for lower South Island and upper North Island as well

  5. Paperspast is one of those sites that is integral to the biographies I create.

    Much of my research is Canterbury focussed but it is really interesting to note how the different papers shared the news and due to this the stories are duplicated and infact i've found items in other papers that weren't in, or that had more detail than in the papers for the areas the events actually occured in.

    Both the papers you mention i find relevant to the majority of my research but especially NZ Herald. Much consistently pops up for me.

    Part of my research routine is to do a google search at the end to catch any stray items on a person i may have missed. Some PP articles pop up there that don't show in the PP site after a specific search. I'm wondering how robust their search algorithms are?


  6. It is brilliant!

  7. I have used both the Star and the NZ Herald. Personally I believe it is important to have both the Star and the Herald up to the same time if not a little longer. I believe diferent Auckland Newspaers were used by the families of Auckland. Some got the Herald as they wanted it at breakfast and others bought the Star on their way home from work. Searching the Star, yesterday, I found my own Birth Notice, my Grandfather's Death notice, Obituary for an Aunt and detailed wedding events for 2 other relatives.
    Wonderful as I had not seen any of these before. I have also used the Star for Local History events & it would be great to compare these with the Herald.

  8. It has been very useful for my family research.

  9. Let me start by saying that "Papers Past" is outstanding.
    I am the product of two pioneer families that arrived in New Zealand in the 1860'a.
    One branch of the family was in Hotels. Among others, they owned the Oratia (Falls Hotel) and the Northern Hotel in Great North Road.
    The other branch of the family owned a Shoe Manufacturing Business in Wakefield Street Auckland and a Tannery on the Whau River (Oakley Creek) Point Chevalier.
    Both families advertised in the papers extensively and there were many news aticals written about them.
    I have written a book about my pioneering families and would have loved to have had had the use of "Papers Past".I found it difficult to access information from the old newspapers.
    Fortunately all is not lost. From the "Papers Past" web site I have now been able to clip about five hundred articals and advertisments about my families. These I have compiled into a volume which compliments my first book.
    When I first started clipping from "Papers Past" there was sadley nothing available from the New Zealand Herald. Since then it has come on line and I have added more clips to my volume. Unfortunately it only goes to 1884. Don't be mean, I need more.
    "Papers Past" is amazing - THANK YOU.


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