PapersPast just keeps the heritage newspapers coming!

The extraordinary marriage case

The latest additions to PapersPast sent people flurrying to their computers the other day.

At long last, the New Zealand Herald (1863-1884), has been added . . . its a major New Zealand paper, and its digitisation will be welcomed by all - not least of all, by family historians!

The last batch (for now) of the Auckland Star (1927-1945) was also added at the same time.

PapersPast is a National Library of New Zealand website created to house digitised versions of our heritage newspapers.

Auckland Star and the New Zealand Herald have been digitised in partnership with the National Library and Auckland Libraries; and the goal is to eventually have all editions up to 31 December 1945 of the New Zealand Herald on PapersPast.

It didn't take long for the family history community to start finding treasures once the news was out.

Researcher Lyn Dear found a scandalous marriage case that must have raised more than a few eyebrows at the time - and indeed would probably still raise eyebrows today!

What stories have you managed to unearth so far?


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